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If a picture is worth a thousand words, how much is a video worth? For your business, a professionally produced video could be worth an unimaginable amount. Whether it brings in new customers, helps establish your brand, or serves to train new employees, a corporate video’s value is as limitless as its capabilities.

Since 1989, Sirius Video has been a pioneer in the video production industry. Today, we continue to bring our unrivaled experience and world-class results to companies all over Houston and the surrounding areas. If you want to work with a partner who can help your business thrive in today’s competitive online environment, look no further than Sirius Video. Continue reading to learn more about our corporate video production services, or contact us to get started on your next project!

How Corporate Video Production Can Benefit Your Business

Does your company have customers? Does your company enjoy making money? We’re willing to bet your answer to both of these questions is “yes,” which means you’re perfectly poised to take advantage of our corporate video production services near Houston.

The reality today is that more and more customers are consuming their content online. But in such a saturated space, you need marketing that’s catchy, captivating, and conveys your brand quickly. Our custom promotional videos are perfect for the job, enhancing the impact of your website or YouTube channel to attract leads and drive conversions.

If your business is B2B or focuses its efforts internally, our video production services are perfect for those cases as well. Our team has over 150 years of combined experience working with some of the media industry’s largest clients, such as ABC Sports, Coca-Cola, and ESPN.  This means that we know how to target your videos to other business executives, internal training staff, or anyone else you need to reach.

Our Corporate Video Production Services

From pre-production planning to live-action filming and post-production editing, the team at Sirius Video will handle your corporate video project from start to finish. Of course, we will coordinate with you and your company throughout, ensuring that you’re getting exactly what you need. Our commitment to complete customer satisfaction extends to the variety of video production services we offer for companies in the Houston area:

  • Promotional Videos — Promotional videos, such as advertisements and commercials, are a clear choice to get online customers interested in your service or product. In fact, a professional video often leads directly to higher click-through rates.
  • Interview/B-Roll Package — We’ve captured over 10,000 interviews with our industry-leading equipment. Let us help you spotlight key members of your company to connect with audiences.
  • Teleprompter Package — Our advanced teleprompter services are perfect for helping presenters or executives deliver their speeches.
  • Multicam Event & Streaming Package — Broadcast your corporate event in real time, with high resolution and multiple bitrate streams.
  • Production Crew — Our full-service team consists of gaffers, grips, audio engineers, and more to make sure your recording session goes off without a hitch.

Video Production Support — We’re your 24/7 backup plan in case your own equipment fails or your personal crew doesn’t deliver.



Why Choose Sirius Video?

When you choose Sirius Video for your corporate video production needs, you can anticipate responsive communication, creative solutions, and exceptional results. From the moment you consult with one of our friendly team members to the moment you watch your video’s final cut, you’ll benefit from the experience and expertise of Houston’s best video production studio. We’re in the business of helping your business, and we won’t be satisfied until you are.

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Professional videography is a service that many companies are now realizing the benefits of. To drive online traffic, convert more customers, or modernize your internal processes, Sirius Video has the corporate video solutions for you. Check out our past work and customer testimonials, then contact us today!

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From broadcast camera rentals to streaming, staging and more, we provide efficient, expert video production services at an economical rate. Our team has successfully captured over 10,000 interviews and we bring over 150 years of combined professional experience and out-of-the-box thinking to provide production and broadcasting solutions to meet our client’s individual needs.

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