As video production standards go up with the increasing sophistication of technology, it’s becoming much more important to meet quality standards. Using a teleprompter for your production can help you with that by simplifying the process of reading a script — allowing for a professionalism that is previously unmatched. That being said, here are three valuable tips from Sirius Video Production that will allow you to make the most of the teleprompter in your production.

Optimize Equipment for Readability

When using a teleprompter, you’ll want to do everything possible to improve readability and make it easier for anyone in front of the camera to do their job. That means your teleprompter should be high-contrast (think black text on white background, or vice versa). It should be bright enough and big enough that it can be read easily, and you should always keep in mind the surrounding environment when choosing the right equipment. For example, if you are shooting outdoors in the sun, it is better to use a teleprompter with a high-reflection setting that is optimized for high-brightness environments. Optimizing your equipment ensures your shoot runs smoothly, which will ultimately make a difference in the quality of your video production.

actor reading script
Prepare Your Script Correctly

Your script should be written with readability in mind. When building your script, try reading the words aloud so that it’s possible to get an idea of flow and cadence. Remember to combine topics and avoid awkward gaps so that the content of your film production reads smoothly and naturally.

Don’t Forget About Body Language

When the person in front of the camera is focused on a teleprompter— and isn’t made aware of the way they’re presenting themselves—there’s a chance that they could read as stiff or cold, simply because they’re focused more on reading than presenting. Make sure to remind them to read the script before the shoot and to act naturally. Otherwise, your audience will pick up on the fact that a teleprompter is being used.

Video production in Houston is made easier every year with increases in technology, but gold-standard tools such as teleprompters will always be part of the videographer’s repertoire. Next time you work on a project, remember these three crucial tips for increasing your production value. For more information, check out videography services from Sirius Video.

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