Film production is a multi-faceted process with many moving parts. Sirius Video Productions works with a variety of film crews in Houston to provide local creatives with the necessary support for a successful project. Whether you need video production services for an event or video production equipment rentals, we have you covered. Read on and contact us today to learn more about how we can help you!


Our video producers are experienced professionals with a deep knowledge of video production techniques and equipment. They can help guide you through every step of the video production process, from planning and scripting to filming and editing.







A director is the creative leader of a video production team. By employing our videography services, you will have access to the expertise and creative vision of a professional video director. Our directors have years of experience working in video and film, with an eye for visual storytelling that will help bring your video idea to life.





Production Assistants

Production assistants are an integral part of any video production team, helping manage equipment and crew, set up lighting and sound equipment, schedule shoots, and more. Whether you need video production assistance for a live event or video production support for a video shoot, our talented film crew in Houston can help ensure a smooth and successful video shoot.





Sound Crew

A film’s sound is just as important as its visuals, and our video production team has the expertise to help you create great-quality audio. With access to professional sound equipment rentals, our video sound crew can provide you with the audio support you need for a video shoot.






From video producers and video directors to video production assistants and sound crews, our video production services are designed to provide you with everything you need for a successful video shoot. So whether you are looking for video rentals or video production services, look no further than Sirius Video Productions!

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