When you think of the nightly news, you probably think of serious-faced newscasters with booming voices and flawless delivery. In many cases, that flawless delivery is the result of a skilled professional who is trained on using a teleprompter. This association notwithstanding, you should know that the benefits of teleprompters extend to many types of film production. At Sirius Video Production, we help creators like you develop the best possible video production in Houston — and teleprompters often play a leading role. Here are our top four benefits of using teleprompters.

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Your film crew in Houston will spend less time looking over paper scripts, flubbing lines, and re-shooting scenes. A teleprompter allows your speaker the freedom to be in the moment with the trust that the right words are scripted right in front of them.

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Because the speaker is more relaxed due to the words effortlessly flowing in front of them, a teleprompter allows your speaker to maintain eye contact and create an engaging, authentic experience when played back for the audience.

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Reduced Memorization

Traditionally, speakers in front of a camera have found it necessary to spend countless hours memorizing a script in order to recite it during a shoot. With a teleprompter, you are saving your team valuable time and energy that can be used to benefit your video production in other impactful ways.

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Reduction in Filler Words

A teleprompter can guide your speaker so that they will not be wasting their breath on “filler words” like “um” or “ah”. This greatly enhances the quality of your film production and establishes an air of trust and confidence.

As you may see, the benefits of a teleprompter are many. When planning your next film production, make it a point to really consider investing in teleprompter or videography services — your team may thank you for it. Check out some of our sample work here.

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