During an event, you really only get one shot to capture the moment. There are some conditions, such as lighting techniques, audio quality, and a few others that Sirus Video Productions will go over to help you get your best shot.

Lighting Techniques

When recording an event, make sure the lighting for the stage is plenty bright, but not so much as to blind the speaker. Backlighting is the best way to present people. It is usually done by surrounding the sides and back of the person or group to frame them.

Audio Quality

Plan for a rehearsal and sound check time with the presenters to ensure the audio is set at the correct levels for a camera. You will want to check that the microphones are placed correctly for a high-quality sound. This is important in both small and large-scale productions.

Event Run Through

Setting time aside to meet with your crew to review the program and to set expectations is important. Some items to run through are:

Ensuring everyone is on the same page will make sure you have a higher-quality video production.

Final Usage

Knowing what type of format your video will be used in is important to how you will set up your video for production and how you will work with your videography service.
Sirius Video Production hopes that with these tips you will be able to capture better quality videos for your next event! If you would like to reach out to us about your next event, please contact us!

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