Making the decision to adopt either a single-camera filming strategy or a multi-camera filming strategy depends on a variety of factors, and deciding on a strategy will depend mainly on your specific project. At Sirius Video Productions, we help filmmakers achieve their goals. Depending on those goals, different filming strategies may be necessary — here are the differences between single and multi-camera filming.

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Single-Camera Filming

When you adopt a single-camera filming strategy, you’re opting for simplicity. This route will be useful for small-scale productions like student films or simple music videos. You’ll have the opportunity to experiment creatively due to the convenience and simplicity of only having one camera, and you will also save money on production costs due to the reduction in supplies.

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The biggest potential downside of a single-camera project is, broadly, time consumption. Because you have less equipment to work with, you’ll be more pressed to be creative in your time management and shooting schedule. If your video production in Houston is on a tight schedule, you could face pressure to finish the job.

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Multi-Camera Filming

Multi-camera filming is what usually comes to mind when we think of large-scale production — we envision film sets with plenty of lighting and multiple camera angles. The projects that multi-camera filming is primarily used for tend to be relatively complex, ranging from live performances to sitcoms.

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Don’t forget that with increased complexity comes increased potential for technical difficulties and room for error. For example, if shooting a rehearsed scene, you may want to capture the same action from different camera angles — and making everything line up in post-production can be time-consuming, putting pressure on your deadlines. In this case, it may be worth exploring videography services in order to simplify your timeline.

A film student and a full-scale indie director have different priorities, time constraints, budgets, and more. Many of these constraints will force filmmakers to make their own decisions on how to best approach a filming strategy. Next time you are tasked with developing a project, remember to weigh your options and recall which filming strategy is best for your film production in Houston. If you’re ready for a shoot, get in touch with us today.

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